Unique Additions to Your Ceremony

I have a number of additional ceremonies we can incorporate into your wedding such as the following:

  • Hand Fasting Ceremony: Asks wonderful, real questions of the couple binding their intentions together.
  • Sand Ceremony: Blending different coloured sands together representing the unique coming together and support of all your attendees, or just the wedding party or just the couple.
  • Rose Ceremony: Honours the mothers of the bride and groom.
  • Family Oneness: Honours the coming together of not just the bride and groom but of any children they may already have. The wedding can signify common dreams and hopes for the future for them all and we celebrate this new creation in an intentional way.
  • Unity Candle: this is for the couple and can represent the new family as well. Each candle lit represents an individual; their unique oneness and those two create a new light without the two being extinguished. We don’t lose ourselves in marriage we bring our best to it and create something new.